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  • Skills Needed:
    PSD, PHP, HTML, CSS, Video
  • Client:
    Chevrolet / SXSW Interactive

The Team Columbus “TeamCbus” website was a really fun project to work on because it was a real collaborative effort by some of the most talented creatives Columbus has to offer.

The purpose of the website was to help showcase all of this talent in a magazine style layout in order to increase readership and sharebility of the daily content creation for viewers to easily disseminate. The website as a hubspot paired with SEO and SMM best practices drove brand awareness amongst not only the Columbus community, but other cities that had teams vying for the top spot of winning the Chevy SXSW Road Trip Challenge. As a digital marketing and social media campaign it was highly successful in helping TeamCbus bring home 2nd place.


  • Raise awareness for the city of Columbus and our sponsors, and show the world just how amazing the Columbus community actually is.
  • Help kids, teachers and classrooms across the country and in Columbus by supporting Jamie Rosenberg and the good folks at Adopt-a Classroom.
  • Win. Win the prize for Columbus in front of the massive crowd at SXSW

Travel Stats:

  • 5 team members
  • 1 Chevy Tahoe Hybrid
  • 3 days of driving
  • 11 challenges completed
  • 1241 miles traveled

Digital Stats:

  • had been live for 4 weeks
  • 41 blog posts produced on
  • 4,800+ visits (from 43 states and 36 countries)
  • 11,200+ pageviews
  • 29 total videos produced
  • 3,100+ video views
  • 382 Facebook Page Likes
  • 316 Twitter followers
  • 52 Klout Score
  • 247 different people have tweeted to #teamcbus


  • 21 total Team Cbus corporate sponsors that supported through capital investments, as well as donations of products and services.
  • 16 individual sponsors who donated through PayPal account.
  • There were cash donors who helped at the Bon Voyage Party at Woodlands Tavern.


  • $3622 spent on 5 passes to SXSWi. 4 of the passes were bought late at the price of $750. 1 pass was bought earlier at the rate of $622.
  • $2000 was spent renting a house just outside of Austin. It actually worked out to be cheaper and easier than getting hotel rooms for five people.

Total Revenue:

  • $5622

Team Cbus Giving:

  • 9 classrooms have been adopted by Team Cbus through Adopt-a-Classroom.
  • 5 donations of $50.00 given to 5 different classrooms in Columbus through individual by Team Cbus team members.
  • $250.00 donated via check to Ms. Allison Sauceda’s Kindergarten class at Trotwood Elementary in Dayton, OH.
  • $257.55 donated via Pay Pal to Mr. Roy Shears art class and robotics lab at Hamilton High School in Memphis, TN.
  • $100.00 donated to Pamela Schwiebert’s first grade classroom at Holgate Elementary in Holgate, OH.
  • 3 full tanks of gas purchased for complete strangers during our Gas Station Give-Aways OnStar Challenge
  • 2 blogs donated to Hamilton High School for Roy’s class as well as Corey Anderson’s class that included design, lifetime hosting services, training and domain names.
  • Customized Adopt-a-Classroom’s own Facebook page sponsor Shoutlet’s platform.

Team Cbus still had $4852.88 left to donate to classroom’s who’ve registered with Adopt-a-Classroom.