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  • Skills Needed:
    Copywriting, PSD, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Client:
    Shaun Simpson

The STS Realty Group based in Columbus, OH is a new real estate business for owner Shaun Simpson who wanted to create a brand outside of his affiliation with Coldwell-Banker King Thompson. Shaun was interested in investing in his business outside the limitations that an corporate owned subdomain like the one Coldwell-Banker King Thompson offers its realtors. We worked with Shaun and company to come up with a website that was versatile and pleasing to the eye with a focus on surrounding communities and not just amenities provided for each listing. We have also been working with Shaun on local search optimization for connecting buyers and sellers for new leads and shortening the sales cycle. It is good to know that the STS Group is taking advantage of new digital marketing tactics to sell more in an industry that some might say can sometimes be “old school” in its methods.