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Nate Riggs is a communication and social web strategist with a true passion for connecting people with people, promoting genuine and transparent communication, and helping mid-sided to large companies adopt and use social web technology to gain access to new marketing channels.

Nate contacted Sigma Creative about creating an online web presence and graphic design. Sigma Creative merged media from 3rd party vendors to create a graphic banner that kept the brand continuity already created by another agency. Sigma Creative also worked on syncing up email and domain aliasing to point to the same hosting account in order to save on operational overhead while taking advantage of multiple domain touchpoints for increased visibility and search engine optimization.

Client Testimonial: “I hired Chris Adams when I was in a real pinch. I was getting ready to head to a fairly large speaking opportunity in San Diego last year in the logistics and transportation industry. Knowing that once you’re on the podium, people tend to visit your blog, I was faced with having to make some changes to my visual design as well as how and where my blog was being hosted. With one call, Chris came through on point. In less than 24 hours, I had a new header (which is still live at the time of this recommendation) and had switched hosts to What was really impressive, (and I’m still grateful for this) was how Chris responded when there were issues with the host and domain redirect. Right before I was called to speak, my domain crashed and I lost my business email. I immediately called Chris. By the time I was out of my breakout session, Chris had everything up and running smoothly. He really saved the day for me, and I absolutely recommend him as a web designer, and as a trusted resource.”