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Client Testimonials

When clients talk about our B2B digital marketing services, for us, we can’t help but grin ear to ear.

Awards are great, but they are not what motivates us. We like to practice what we preach by creating raving fans and generating leads through word-of-mouth marketing. We believe quality products and services should sell themselves. Marketing is just a way to extend awareness. There is also something to be said about a great feeling and a sense of accomplishment when we know we’ve done our job. Thank you letters and recommendations from our clients means that we’ve truly made an impact on their business goals and objectives. That is when they change from being clients to being partners.

Raving Fans Sigma Creative

Here are just a few that have something to say:

“I hired Sigma Creative when I was in a real pinch. I was getting ready to head to a fairly large speaking opportunity in San Diego last year in the logistics and transportation industry. Knowing that once you’re on the podium, people tend to visit your blog, I was faced with having to make some changes to my visual design as well as how and where my blog was being hosted. With one call, Sigma Creative came through on point. In less than 24 hours, I had a new header (which is still live at the time of this recommendation) and had switched hosts to What was really impressive, (and I’m still grateful for this) was how they responded when there were issues with the host and domain redirect. Right before I was called to speak, my domain crashed and I lost my business email. I immediately called Sigma Creative. By the time I was out of my breakout session, they had everything up and running smoothly. Sigma Creative really saved the day for me, and I absolutely recommend them for web design, and as a trusted resource…” – Nate Riggs, Web Strategy Consultant at Social Business Strategies, Columbus, OH

“I hired Sigma Creative to make my blog The Cuban Revolution more user friendly and fun to browse. They did an excellent job. I continue to use Sigma Creative for my blogging needs.” – Brian Cuban, Blogger/Freelance Writer at The Cuban Revolution, Dallas, TX

“Quality. That is the one word that best describes Sigma Creative. Their work are high quality! There are a lot of good web developers, and there are a lot of good graphic designers, however, it’s hard to find an agency who provides high quality in both and delivers results in a short amount of time. I hired Sigma Creative to produce and was completely satisfied with their work. I continue to refer others to them and I highly recommend working with Sigma Creative if you want a quality product from people you can depend on.” – Lewis Howes, Author/Speaker/Entrepreneur, New York, NY

“Sigma Creative are superstars amongst others in their field. They go out of their way to make their clients happy and value being accessible to others. They really know how to bridge the gap from the web to the real world. Their client services add a personal touch that makes every project they complete the highest quality. Unique, talented and creative are just a few words to describe Sigma Creative.” – Alexandra Copley, Photographer, Columbus, OH/Mumbai India

“Sigma Creative combines excellent web design and technical skills with an eye for detail and a creativity that makes their web design truly stand out in an over saturated space. Sigma Creative’s tenacity in terms of getting their clients the best ranking possible on websites is truly impressive. Sigma Creative has their finger on the pulse of what is going on in the web site marketplace to insure that his clients’ site stand up to current technology trends without caving in to latest fads. They were incredibly responsive to our needs and was able to deliver a superior product quickly and with excellent quality.” – Gene Fout, Owner, Gene Fout Turkey Callers, Zanesfield, OH

“We were just starting a video gaming group, Battlefield Rec Room, and we knew we needed a website that would help us to grow and allow for community style interaction. We had no idea how to begin. Sigma Creative helped us to structure and organize our information into a easy to use site. They continue to support our changes, reorganization, and respond quickly to our changing objectives. We are delighted with everything.” – Dan Snyder, Owner, Battlefield Rec Room, Monroe, WA

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